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In June this year, after spending a week at the AIS for my Performance Coaching course where we’d been learning about para-triathlon among other things, Jonathan Goerlach serendipitously reached out and asked if I would be interested in racing with him in the PTVI-2 para-triathlon category.

One of the best parts of my job as a coach is getting to help others achieve their goals in the sport, so I was more than willing to join Jono on his journey towards his goal of reaching Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Triathlon is inherently a individualistic sport, and through this experience I have learned first hand the necessity of communication, teamwork, understanding, and the value of a good partnership when it comes to reaching your goals.

It’s been only a few short months but so far we’ve raced the following:

  • Hills Sprint Triathlon 2nd place

  • ITU WTS Edmonton Canada 1st Place

  • Townsville Sprint Triathlon 2nd place

  • ITU WTS World Championships Gold Coast 5th place

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